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Planning for Starting School and other Activities

How we get ready for school:

o We randomly bought school supplies in order to have extras for the year & avoid the rush.
o We got out all the extra stops before the 1st day of school.
o I got all the clothes washed and set up for easy finding.
o Eye Doctor, Dentist, Check Up appointments to avoid missing any school--CHECK
Back to School Countdown

Cute Back to School To Do List

If you want to print these images for non commercial uses, just right click and copy to your files or copy and add to Microsoft and stretch to fit, then print.

We went to Open House night last night.  It is great to go to so you can meet your childs teacher, get bus schedules, car rider information, PTO information, after and before school program(if available)information.  Also, to get a jump on all that paperwork. 

The Night Before.......
1.  Gathered back pack and school supplies and labeled
2.  I labeled & prepacked certain things so I only had to make the sandwich in the a.m.

Here is CentralFoothillsMommies' link to start your shopping:
3.  School Outfit- I set out a few options & let her choose what she liked.
4.  Shoes, hair accessories- Put with everything else so we don't have to search.
5.  Filled out paper work and got her school folder ready.....just incase lunch money...etc.
6. Went over school and classroom rules together.
7. Then the kids got to bed on time to get a GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP!

In the Morning.......
1. Got up early so there was time to get everthing done and have time to chill and wake up.
2. Had a decent breakfast to get her learning juices flowing.
3. Finished packing lunch.
4. We did a quick review of vowels and some grammar.
5. Brushed teeth, hair, and was outfit all set.  Time for the 1st day of school photo!


On the car ride to school she read.....
Kayleis Book she picked for reading 1300 pages for the Summer Reading Program.
Back to School Activity

A Tear Jerking Back To School Poem for Mommas
Saw this poem on The Chronicles of Momnia . Check her out.

I hope all of our little ones and all the awesome school staff have a wonderful 1st day back at school, whether it is today or at a later date.  Homeschoolers included!

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