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What's in the Bag?


What's in the Gym Bag?

I have the version or almost the version in the photo above in my workout arsenal. 

Okay, so I don't go to the gym anymore.  I workout at home.  I used to workout at the gym when our kids were in daycare and stuff.  The only place that seems to have childcare available in this area is the YMCA.  I just don't go.  I have a elliptical, stationary, Wii, Weight bench, a ball, and all kinds of other junk at home to use.  Not really a point in me going out to a gym.   BTW I use the wii, the stationary and the weight bench sometimes.  One day I will take a pic of all the stuff I actually have and just am wasting...I hope to use all of it or get rid of what I am not using.

When I did go to the gym all of those things were in the bag in some kind of way.  I don't use a bag, but this is my normal stuff.

Clothes are:
I am a fan of the Danskin Now Dri workout shirt with the little music player slot in the collar bone area.
I have a Pink, Yellow, Black, Grey and White one.
At home my go to shorts are just smaller, all cotton shorts....I don't like to feel restrained and restricted. I am in love with capri style lengths.  It keeps my body regulated and allows coverage where I want it and give me air on my lower legs which help keep me cooler.  Yes, I know the point is to sweat......but I like to be comfortable or nothing will happen except irritation in my skin and my nerves.

Now if I am leaving the house to workout then I will most definitely be covered up more.  T-shirt ALWAYS and a capri style pant.  Oh, and I always have a sports bra on even with the built in Danskin Now at home and away.  I think I am getting a little too used to that comfort of the sports I stay home more and SOMETIMES I even wear it out the house.  LOL...momma/married I am a happy gal...not trying to impress.

I really want capris similar to the blue ones in the those.

Shoes are:
Nike Trail Wind Fly Wires-Mine are actually yellow, white and grey. Smooth sliding etc..

Reebok Womens Premier ZigTech ZigWild- Allows for a great slide across the floor during Zumba.

Brooks Glycerin 10- try not to work out in these as much because they costed a bit so only if I am walking on a ALL blacktop track. No dirt. 

I really like Champion Double Dri socks too. : )

Accessories are: 
Gold's Gym Waist Slimmer= extra sweat in my problem area.
Ipod/mp3 and some tightly fitting headphones to be in my own little world
Water bottle (Cold Gear)
Meta-Ignite- GNC-Thermogenic (tons of sweat that follow. with a tiny boost)

I am loving that I found my thrown up pony tail at the top of my head like I just rolled out of bed is actually a hairdo on a celebrity.  I used to watch Felicity YEARS and YEARS ago, so it made me happy to snag that pic.  I am not fancy and I won't lie....that is my hair MOST days.  So other thing is a PONYTAIL.  I just don't understand how so many can work out and have their hair down.  I have super thick, coarse and heavy hair so that just doesn't work for me.

SO, even though I work out at home...I have my workout gear set up to go.  Stuff that I can go out the house with. One, day I will get back in the gym and more than likely I will still be sporting the same stuff.

*Confession time- This past week I have not stuck to any kind of plan...I just did a free for all.  Actually since last Wednesday I think.  I am going to use it as...I do normally give myself a break during the week. I knew the new diet bet would be starting, so I wanted to make sure all my cravings and wants was gone.  I don't like to feel restricted, because it makes me want it even more.   I haven't went crazy, but just my break was a little too long.  I am good, my conscious is clear and my heart is still happy.  I find that it helps my body not get stuck in that plateau...if I trick it every once in a while and then go straight back to being healthier.

I love the progress I have made and the wonderful women in the group that are so motivating.  New diet bet starting this week...there is still time to join it is already up to $155...WOW!  Starts tomorrow.  I will be weighing in 1st thing tomorrow morning.

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